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PhotoModeler 5.0 Professional Software
Автор: wolf444
PhotoModeler 5.0 Professional

Уникальный пакет для создания и моделирования реального 3-мерного мира! Этот пакет содержит полный набор профессиональных инструментов для 3-D моделирования фото. Сделайте фото вашего ребенка и сделайте его 3D-фото модель. Или создайте 3-D модели деталей и дизайна.

Import photos of the project and set in a window position approximate locations of cameras that were used to make every photograph. The next step - implementation of the manual operation of the alignment of the camera relative to the object in order to fit it on the photograph in its defined at the beginning of the dimensions (the combination of size of the object is performed using a pointing device "on top" of existing images). The next step - marking reference points that will be used by the program to create a three-dimensional model. During the marking points, the program assigns each of them a unique number. These numbers are used in the next step of processing - "binding" of certain brands in all the pictures (species) of the object.
After the procedure, the binding of branded outlets in which you can specify the program type of relationship between the individual groups of points in space - in the form of wire lines or separate opaque planes, check the set point with a special routine. In the event of a successful test, you can call the image processing, the result of which will be finished a three-dimensional model of the real object. If necessary, you can scale the model according to the actual size of the object - just tell the program to the real distance between any two points of the marker on the model.
Now we only have to export it to any available CAD-program and make the necessary fine-tuning.

Год: 2013
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 469.56 Mb

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